Solutions for the Water, Wastewater and Aquaculture Industries

Several products for water and wastewater and aquculture industries by Reliant Water Technologies

Reliant Water Technologies is a global marketing company that supplies high quality, one-of-a-kind products to the water, wastewater treatment, and aquaculture industries. The products offered by Reliant provide industry and municipalities with specialized answers to common problems within the water quality control process. From municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants dissolved oxygen monitoring and control, waste lagoon de-stratification and aeration; to organic sludge reducing bacteria that completely eliminate sludge and wastewater odors – the products of Reliant Water Technologies offer proven answers to water quality problems faced around the world.  The company also offers water quality solutions for the Aquaculture Industry. Such as Aquaculture  dissolved oxygen control systems and aeration devices designed to increase dissolved oxygen in aquaculture grow-out ponds and lagoons.

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