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Sewper Rx Odor And Solids Reducing Bacteria Odor And Solids Reducing Bacteria

A wastewater treatment plant gives off two end products – relatively clean water and sludge, a collection of untreated solids residue. The latter is a primary problem in almost every wastewater plant in the world. Sludge and organic solids within the wastewater process cause offensive odors and always add major processing costs due to collection, separation, and disposal. Reliant Water Technologie’s Sewper Rx provides a proven, patented product that almost completely eliminates organic solids, thus reducing or eliminating odors and saving major operational and disposal costs for plant management. Sewper Rx is not added daily, or even weekly, but usually only once every 30 to 180 days. Proposed treatment schedules are based on the plant’s Average Daily Flow, average BOD load, and the customer’s goals – such as, odor reduction, improved MLSS in aeration, reduced VSS and improving settling in clarification, improving effluent water quality (reduced BOD, reduced ammonia, reduced phosphorus), improved digestions, or reducing sludge prior to digestion and pressing/centrifugation. Usually, there is a Return on Investment by using Sewper Rx, just in hauling and tipping fee savings at the end of the process. Sewper Rx has also been of assistance in bringing wastewater lagoon water quality back into compliance.

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