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Lagoon/Pond Low Energy Mixing

LAGOON MASTER Sludge Activating Aerator Sludge Activating Aerator

LAGOON MASTER bubble diffusers
LAGOON MASTER bubble diffusers out of water showing fine
bubble diffusers in front of course bubble diffusers.
LAGOON MASTER V1 V1 in the water with blowers
and power junction box on top of the aerator.

LAGOON MASTER V2 V2 in the water (left) with blowers onshore for more convenient air intake filter access.

The LAGOON MASTER Sludge Activating Aerator is offered in Version 1 (V1) or Version 2 (V2) configurations. The V1 is required for installations where the aerator must be located in the middle of the lagoon where shore anchoring struts cannot be used. But, in this configuration blower intake filter cleaning will require a boat to access the blowers. The V2 allows for the blowers to be located onshore for more convenient filter cleaning. On the LAGOON MASTER Sludge Activating Aerator V2 shore anchored struts are used to hold the aerator in place.

Recreational ponds, wastewater lagoons, fish grow-out ponds and small, shallow lakes have always exhibited the problem of organic matter collecting on the bottom and eventually becoming polluted. Wastewater lagoons are especially fraught with problems because their purpose is to clean the wastewater to the point that it can be released back into the environment. Over the years many different things have been attempted to assist in degrading the organic matter that builds up in the “sludge” on the bottom of these water bodies.

Various types of surface aerators have been the latest effort in this ongoing challenge. But, the more aeration and mixing that is used, the more that seems to be needed – and the more electricity is required in rural communities that have high energy costs to begin with. Eventually, the ultimate requirement is expensive dredging, vacuuming or rebuilding of the lagoon system – only to go back to the old ways of attempting to keep the water pollution at bay.

In the very advanced ‘activated sludge plants’ used for cleaning wastewater in large cities, there is a specific part of the process that is especially effective in reducing the organic matter in that wastewater. It is the secondary clarifier within the process. This clarifier holds sludge that is being digested by the indigenous bacteria that entered the plant with the wastewater. The digestion process is assisted with slow moving “rakes” that continually, slowly, mix the sludge, making it readily available to the bacteria.

The LAGOON MASTER Sludge Activating Aerator Sludge Activating Aerator by Reliant Water Technologies mimics a secondary clarifier in a lagoon or pond. By using moving water to continuously roll along the bottom of the lagoon, the sludge and all bottom sediments, become activated – eventually, completing the digestion of all of the organic matter in the bottom sediments. This process eventually performs the following:

  • Eliminates the organic solids in the sludge completely through microbial digestion.
  • Provides enough dissolved oxygen to keep the entire microbial population alive and thriving.
  • Oxidizes, through continual vertical mixing, all of the trapped waste gases (nitrogen, ammonia and H2S) in the water column and sludge, thereby cleaning the water.
  • Eliminates all odors in the body of water.
  • Eliminates stratification and seasonal turnover throughout the entire body of water.
  • Reduces the sludge buildup to the point that pond/lagoon dredging is set back indefinitely.

ALL of this is performed with only one LAGOON MASTER Sludge Activating Aerator unit for every 1 to 5 acres (0.5 - 2 hectares) of water surface, depending upon the depth. With only 4 HP (3kW) of energy required per unit, the aeration energy costs can be reduced up to 80%. Maintenance requirements are reduced over 90%.

LAGOON MASTER bubble diffusers

Lagoon/Pond Low Energy Mixing V1 (above)
with blower on the mixer.

Lagoon/Pond Low Energy Mixing V2 (right)
with blower on shore for more convenient
blower air intake filter cleaning.


Please read further to familiarize yourself with true innovation in caring for our water bodies around the world.

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LAGOON MASTER Sludge Activating Aerator
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TB.LM-1 How the Lagoon Master Works

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A Lagoon Aerator that Activates Sludge
A Lagoon Aerator that Activates Sludge

Rehabilitating Old Wastewater Lagoons
Rehabilitating Old Wastewater Lagoons

Lagoon/Pond Low Energy Mixing

Lagoon/Pond Low Energy Mixing Lagoon/Pond Low Energy Mixing
  • Utilizes only 3 HP (2.2kW) of energy per 2+ acres of water
  • Mixes entire water column below the surface
  • Forms a vertical mix from the surface
  • Eliminates sludge gas in order to eliminate odor
  • Improves water quality
  • No moving parts underwater
  • Minimal maintenance

The Reliant Lagoon/Pond Low Energy Mixing Pond/Lagoon Mixer continuously, and slowly, moves water along the bottom of a lagoon/pond, continually mixing the entire water column using a minimum of energy. When compared to standard surface aerators or directional mixers, the Lagoon/Pond Low Energy Mixing is more efficient, less costly to operate, and requires minimal maintenance.

The Lagoon/Pond Low Energy Mixing utilizes 1- 3 HP (2.2 kW) regenerative blower. Utilizing a patented coarse bubble airlift and baffling system, the Lagoon/Pond Low Energy Mixing continuously moves and mixes the water below the surface for 17 acre feet of water (depth x surface acreage) of a pond or lagoon. Designed for bodies of water with less than 20 feet (6 meters) of depth, a single unit will have the entire body of water moving within 30 minutes of startup.

For closed bodies of water where added dissolved oxygen is not required, complete mixing of the water will reduce, and possibly eliminate odors, reduce or eliminate chemical addition, provide a total mix of the nutrients in the water, thin algal populations, the elimination of blue green algae, and keep the body of water from freezing. Common applications are Concentrated Animal Feed Operations (CAFO), drinking water and irrigation ponds/lagoons, spray-field lagoons, storm water lagoons, equalization lagoons, and any body of water where a total mix will be beneficial.


Lagoon/Pond Low Energy Mixing
Two Page Brochure

Satellite Pictoral Comparisons

Technical and Application Bulletins

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